Mayor Lorraine Michetti

Mayor Michetti was elected in a by-election in April 2016. She was re-elected by acclamation at the 2018 General Local Elections and sworn into office on November 7, 2018.

Michetti has been a bookkeeper since 1997 and owns A & D Office Services Ltd. She is a long-time Village resident who is married with two sons. She served on the library board and recreation committee in the 1990s and has also been a Peace River Regional District Board member.

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Councillor Barb Smith

Councillor Smith was re-elected at the 2018 General Local Elections. She was sworn into office on November 7, 2018. She joined council during the previous term, the result of a 2015 by-election.

Smith has been active in the Village for decades, and her political experience includes three years as Mayor from 2005 to 2008. During that term she played a leading role in organizing a homecoming celebration in 2007 for the 75th anniversary of Pouce Coupe’s incorporation, and she helped coordinate the grand opening of the Pouce Coupe Community Centre in 2008.

Smith works at Chances Dawson Creek as the Human Resources shift manager, and she has three daughters. She has been active in the Village for decades and her volunteer experience includes positions with Scouts Canada and Meals on Wheels.

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PORTFOLIO Revised April 2021


Councillor Marlene Hebert

Councillor Hebert was elected to the Village of Pouce Coupe Council at the 2018 General Local Elections. She was sworn into office on November 7, 2018. No stranger to politics, she also served on council in the early 1990s.

Hebert has a long family history in the Village, as her family had four generations living on one street. She has worked for School District 59 (Peace River South) since 1979, and in Vision Services since 1994.

Pouce Coupe highlights for Hebert include a trio of celebrations in 1992: the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway, 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation and 60th anniversary of Pouce Coupe’s incorporation. Hebert’s previous time on council fell during negotiations between the Province and Peace River region for the Fair Share Agreement, designed to tackle fiscal imbalance and bridge the gap between industry and communities in the area. The first version of Fair Share Agreement was in place in 1994.

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Councillor Danielle Veach

Councillor Veach was elected to Council in the 2021 By-Election. Danielle grew up in the Dawson Creek area and has lived in the Village of Pouce Coupe for over a decade with her husband and two daughters. Danielle was also a member of the Pouce Coupe Municipal Public Library board for almost seven years.

As an avid reader Danielle once had a youthful goal of becoming a Librarian, this eventually led to a passion to work with children in literacy. Danielle started her career as preschool support at the Child Development Centre in 2011, and eventually moved on to a career as an Educational Assistant at School District # 59, working with children in literacy support.

It was this passion to help children learn and experience new things that eventually led to Danielle working within the community to amend the "Backyard Hen Bylaw" during the Pandemic shut down in 2020, with hope that children and families would be able to enjoy a new experience together.

Danielle is thankful for the opportunity to work with Mayor and Council over the next year. 



Councillor Marcel Woodill

Councillor Woodill was elected to Council in the 2021 By-Election. He has not served on any other councils.

Marcel grew up in the Peace country for most of his life and spent much of his time on his grandparents’ acreage bordering Pouce Coupe with an early introduction to hard work in Briar Ridge. After graduation from South Peace Secondary School, he spend the next 18 years working in the safety industry as a medic, rescue technician and safety instructor. He and his wife Jenna are blessed with two children.

In 2015, he and his family moved to be closer to the village, as the Pouce Coupe community has always been special to him. Marcel is a former Pouce Coupe Fire Department member and is the current President and Search Manager of the South Peace Emergency Response Team DBA South Peace Search and Rescue. In 2021, he conducted a mock missing child scenario in Pouce Coupe with other first responders.

As a member of council, he looks forward to working with Mayor and Council to benefit the Village.



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