Property Taxes


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my taxes with a post-dated cheque? No, the Village of Pouce Coupe does not accept post-dated cheques.

Can I pay my taxes with my credit card? No, the Village of Pouce Coupe does not accept credit cards for the payment of taxes. Credit cards are acceptable for the payment of utilities.

Why are there utility charges on my tax notice?Unpaid utility charges that are overdue at the end of the year are transferred to your tax account in the form of arrears, based on the Community Charter. For more information on your utility charges, contact the Village Office at (250) 786-5794 or email

I haven’t received a tax notice, what should I do? Tax notices are mailed to property owners by the end May. If you have not received your notice, contact the Village Office at (250) 786-5794 or email and ensure that the mailing address that we have on file is current.

You are responsible for paying your taxes whether or not you have received your notice.

I received a property assessment, but I think the value is too high. What do I do? If you disagree with your property assessment, you must contact BC Assessment in January of the current year.

Property owners who disagree with their assessment can file a formal Notice of Complaint (Appeal) with the province's Property Assessment Review Panel. For more information on this process, refer to the back page of your assessment notice when you receive it in January.

I sent my tax payment in, why haven’t I received a receipt showing my account is paid? The municipality no longer automatically sends a receipt for property tax payments. If you require a receipt, please include a request for one with your payment.

I received a tax notice for my property but it’s not in my name, what should I do? If you recently purchased the property, you are responsible for the property taxes; therefore, you must pay the full amount on the bill and apply for the grant (if eligible) by the due date.

If you are the new owner, and are going to claim the home owner grant, you will need to provide a copy of your transfer papers showing your name on title.

I received a tax notice for a property that I no longer own, what should I do? If possible, please give it to the new owner. Alternatively, you can return it to the Village Office.