Should Pouce Coupe have a Newsletter?

The Village of Pouce Coupe publishes a newsletter on a monthly basis with community information. October may be the last issue of the Pouce Coupe Village Voice; Council is looking at the cost and relevance of the newsletter.

The newsletter has been published on a monthly basis providing community information. The cost of production includes staff time, materials and production (which is the largest cost) and postage to send them to the 380 mailboxes at the Post Office. The cost for production is about $800.00 for the month or approximately $2.00 per newsletter. The newsletter contains relevant information for the community and it is a venue for community groups to send information to the residents. Sending one notice to all post boxes in Pouce Coupe costs the same in postage as the entire newsletter. We would like to hear from everyone to see if The Pouce Coupe Village Voice should continue.

Do you think that the Village of Pouce Coupe should continue with the newsletter?

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Do you read the Village Voice Newsletter?
Do you live within the boundaries of the Village of Pouce Coupe?
Do you think the Village of Pouce Coupe should continue with the newsletter?
Do you think the cost is too high for the Village Voice Newsletter?
Would you use the website to view the Newsletter if it were just digital?
There are still many people who do not have access to the internet and appreciate the printed copy. Are you one of them?
Should the Village of Pouce Coupe encourage advertising in the newsletter to assist in paying for the publication?
Are you a senior citizen and do you read the Village Voice and find it useful?
Thank you from the Village of Pouce Coupe Mayor and Council for participating in this survey; your input is important.
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